Test Accommodations

Who Is Eligible To Receive Test Accommodations?

The NBCE seeks to ensure that our exams are fully accessible to all qualified examinees; therefore, we welcome applications for reasonable and appropriate accommodations on our exams in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other federal guidance.

Through an individualized assessment of the examinee’s functional limitations and exam-related barriers, the NBCE will determine what, if any, accommodations are appropriate for each of the NBCE examinations. To aid in this process, examinees should provide documentation that clearly aligns with the NBCE guidelines.

How Do I Request Test Accommodations?


  • Examinees applying for NBCE Parts I, II, III, or Physiotherapy may submit a Test Accommodation Request as part of their exam application.



Do I Have To Request Accommodations Every Time I Take An Exam, Even Though I Was Approved In The Past?

Once you are approved for accommodations for the NBCE computer-based exams (Parts I, II, III, and Physiotherapy), your accommodations will carry through to future CBT exams.  You are not required to submit a Test Accommodation Request (TAR) unless you are requesting new or additional accommodations.

You must submit a Test Accommodation Request every time you apply for Part IV or for a state-sponsored or specialty exam.


When Should I Apply For Test Accommodations?

We suggest submitting your request as soon as possible, especially the first time you apply for accommodations.

If you would like to receive test accommodations for a computer-based exam (Parts I, II, III, or Physiotherapy), the NBCE must complete the review of your request before you can complete your application.  The NBCE recommends submitting first-time requests 30 days before the deadline.

For Part IV, the NBCE recommends submitting your request 30-60 days before the deadline.

Submitting your request early gives you time to request reconsideration if your request is denied or supply additional documentation if required.

I Was Denied Test Accommodations. What Can I Do?

The NBCE will notify you if your Test Accommodation Request is denied. To appeal the NBCE’s decision, you may request reconsideration by e-mailing accommodations@nbce.org.

You must provide substantive supplemental documentation and clearly articulate the basis of the appeal, linking it to the documentation that supports your request.

If you are unable to meet the deadline:

  • You may schedule your exam without accommodations.
  • You may reschedule your exam for a later administration.


My Religious Observance Conflicts With The Test Schedule. What Can I Do?

If you are unable to schedule a computer-based test that avoids conflicts with your religious observance, you must complete a Request for Non-Standard Testing Conditions. Please note that there are limited seats available; the NBCE recommends submitting requests 30 days prior to the deadline.

Examinees must also complete the Request for Non-Standard Testing Conditions to ensure their schedule of a Friday/Saturday or a Friday/Sunday rotation on Part IV. The NBCE must receive the request by the application deadline for the current Part IV administration.
Examinees who are requesting a religious exemption for the first time must also submit a confirmation form signed by their religious leader.

What If I Have An Ongoing Medical Need For A Device Or Medication?

Examinees with ongoing medical needs may require specific devices during testing. While you do not need permission to utilize these devices, testing center staff will inspect devices before examinees enter the secured testing area. These include medicines and medical devices, communications aids, and mobility devices.

List of personal items

If you have a need for any other personal item for medical reasons, please submit the form Request for Non-Standard Testing Conditions.


What Can Nursing Mothers Bring To The Test Site?

Nursing mothers should notify registration staff upon arrival at the test site. You may bring a breast pump and a small cooler (which will be inspected) and may access these items only during scheduled breaks and when sequestered during Part IV. (See times below.)

  • Part I and Part II: two optional 15-minute breaks during a 5-hour appointment
  • Part III: one optional 15-minute break during a 4.5-hour appointment
  • Physiotherapy: no scheduled breaks during a 1.5-hour appointment
  • Part IV Diagnostic Imaging: testing time 40 minutes, sequestration time up to 4 hours
  • Part IV Case Management and Chiropractic Technique: testing time 2 hours and 45 minutes, sequestration time up to 7 hours

If you require additional break time for pumping, please complete a Test Accommodation Request. Nursing mothers requesting only additional break time need not submit a personal statement or documentation.


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