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What is a score analysis?

The NBCE automatically provides a free online score analysis to examinees on Parts I, II, III, or Physiotherapy. The score analysis indicates your performance in each of the subject categories, based on the test plan. The score analysis compares performance to the NBCE recommended passing score and lists performance as sufficient (green), borderline (yellow), or insufficient (red).

How should I use the score analysis?
  • Print out your Score Analysis for any test(s) not passed.
  • Obtain the appropriate test plan(s) from this website.
  • Review the subcategories of all yellow (borderline) and red (insufficent) categories (Parts I & II, PHT).
  • For Part III, review the descriptions of the problematic categories.
How can I use the score analysis to help me prepare for a retake?
  • Prepare a study schedule for the yellow (borderline) and red (insufficient) categories.
  • Consider the categories’ weights when planning your study time.
  • Obtain notes, study guides, and textbooks covering problem areas.
  • Outline, or otherwise make personal handwritten notes of material.
  • Use test questions to measure your knowledge and comprehension.
  • Have someone ask you questions about recently studied material.