Score Analysis

What Is Score Analysis?

A score analysis is a document that provides insight regarding individual performance on each domain of an examination. A separate analysis is available for each failed exam.

The purpose of a score analysis is to prepare an examinee for future testing and is provided as a courtesy.

You can access your score analysis under the library tab in your MyNBCE user account.


How Can I Use Score Analysis?

The domain-level performance detailed in the score analysis can be compared to test plans of the exam for which the score analysis was produced. The test plans are available for reference in helping you prepare to retake an exam.

Preparing for a retake…

Additionally, if an examinee has taken the same Part I, II, III, or PHT exam two or more times and is currently scheduled for a retake, the NBCE provides consultations with an Exam Specialist, upon request.  Please email your request for consultation to

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