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Responses to Student Questions

At the September 2018 SACA Leadership Conference, the NBCE invited attendees to submit questions.  Our responses are listed below.

If you would like us to answer your questions, please send a message to


When will exams be administered in 2019?

The NBCE will administered Parts I-IV and Physiotherapy on the following dates in 2019: PDF version

Exam Administration Dates Deadline
Part I January 12 or 13 11/30/18
April 6 or 7 03/08/19
August 10 or 11 06/28/19
Part II February 16 or 17 01/04/19
June 15 or 16 05/03/19
September 14 or 15 08/09/19
Part III March 9 or 10 01/25/19
July 20 or 21 06/07/19
October 19 or 20 09/13/19
Part IV May 17 through 19 02/26/19
November 15 through 17 08/20/19
Physiotherapy March 9 or 10 01/25/19
July 20 or 21 06/07/19
October 19 or 20 09/13/19
Is there going to be a price change for those who have to retake an exam?

When we planned modifications to the NBCE Parts I and II exams, we did consider the financial impact on students along with many other factors. We concluded that the benefits of computer-based testing far outweigh the disadvantage for some examinees regarding retakes.

CBT benefits include shorter testing days, as well as additional features such as being able to flag items for review.  Also, with CBT, the NBCE will offer more testing opportunities each year. And the majority of examinees do pass NBCE exams on their first attempt.

Prior to 2019, the NBCE allowed examinees to retake one or subject exams in Part I or Part II. Those who failed three or more subjects were required to retake the entire part. NBCE fees for two subject retakes (currently $335 per subject, or $670 total) are close to the price for the entire part ($685). Examinees who have one or two subject retakes have until January 1, 2021, to complete those exams.

Can I opt to take a paper test?

No. Effective in January 2019, the NBCE will offer Parts I, II, III, and Physiotherapy in the computer-based format only.

The only exception will be individual subject retakes. If you have one or two subjects to complete in Part I or Part II, you will take those in the paper-and-pencil format. You must complete all individual subject retakes by January 1, 2021. After that time, the Parts I, II, III, and Physiotherapy will be offered only as computer-based tests.