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What is the Part IV Exam?

The NBCE Part IV exam consists of three major sections and each of the sections is divided into stations. The three sections are:

  • Diagnostic Imaging (DIM)
  • Chiropractic Technique
  • Case Management

DIM consists of 20 stations which are allotted two minutes per station. During the DIM portion, you will be viewing diagnostic images on a monitor and answering two questions related to the images.

Chiropractic Technique consists of five stations with five minutes allotted to complete each station. During the Chiropractic Technique portion, you will be required to read instructions and set up for spinal and extremity adjustments.

Case Management consists of 20 stations with five minutes allotted to complete each station. You will be asked to perform a case history, physical examination, or orthopedic or neurological test.

The Chiropractic Technique section and the Case Management sections are given together and require approximately two hours and 45 minutes of testing time, but may require an additional five hours of sequestration in a building.

Please review detailed descriptions of Part IV.

Who can take Part IV?
  • You are eligible to apply for Part IV if you have passed all subjects of Part I.
  • You must also be within six months of graduation or a graduate of an eligible chiropractic college.
  • See additional eligibility requirements if you have graduated, or are retaking Part IV.
What topics are included in Part IV?

The NBCE develops every exam based on a test plan. The detailed Part IV test plan includes detailed descriptions of each section of the Part IV Exam.

What can I expect at the test site?

The only items you will be allowed to bring into the testing area are two forms of identification, your food and beverages items, packaged in clear plastic bags, and a key to your car. (Remote keyless entry devices for vehicles are not permitted.) Please review the complete list of test site rules before you arrive to take your test.

What time is my test?

The next Part IV exam is scheduled each May and November. (See the list of Part IV dates and deadlines.) Approximately eight weeks before the exam, the NBCE will post a confirmation that includes your testing schedule. Look for this on your MyNBCE account under My Exam Information.

Where can I take Part IV?

The NBCE offers Part IV at chiropractic colleges across the country. You can select a test site when you apply. See the compete list of test sites.