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What is CCAT?
The Chiropractic College Aptitude Test (CCAT) provides the prospective student and his/her chiropractic college with measures of ability in mathematics, biology, chemistry, and physics. The NBCE specifically designed CCAT as a tool for the student, in conjunction with academic counseling, to use in making academic decisions.
CCAT is an important tool for a prospective student’s benefit because the results are highly correlated with success in chiropractic college.



How is CCAT used?
CCAT results are used in a variety of ways that help ensure success in a chiropractic curriculum. Through early identification of superior performance or potential risk factors associated with academic difficulty, the student and an academic advisor can efficiently and proactively bolster his/her pre-chiropractic academic preparation, or after enrollment in chiropractic college, take specific classes to enhance academic success.
Why should I take CCAT?
  • Would you like to know if you have the problem-solving and quantitative reasoning skills necessary for successful completion of a rigorous scientific curriculum?
  • Would you like to know if a particular subject area requires additional preparation?
  • Before you commit to student loans, would you like an assessment that correlates with successful completion of chiropractic college course work?
How can I prepare for CCAT?
You will be asked to respond to 100 multiple-choice questions in the areas of mathematics, biology, chemistry and physics. In each of these areas you will be asked basic questions. These are subjects that you have likely studied in your undergraduate courses. In many cases, your high school course work in these subjects will provide you the necessary background to perform satisfactorily on the exam.
What else should I know about CCAT?
  •  CCAT is a Web-based, multiple-choice examination.
  •  CCAT will require approximately one and one half hours to complete.
  •  Immediately upon completion of CCAT you will receive a score report.
  •  A score report is sent to the chiropractic college that makes arrangements for your assessment.
How can I register for CCAT?
Contact the Enrollment Office at a chiropractic college to make arrangements for your assessment.