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Currently Updated As of 12:30 PM MT 03/17/2020:

COVID-19 Updates 

The NBCE is actively monitoring Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) concerns for all test sites. Due to the rapidly changing conditions associated with the COVID-19 situation, and after much consideration, we have decided to reschedule the March 2020 Part III and Physiotherapy exams. Our first priority is the safety of examinees and our staff who administer the exams. We balance this with our sense of responsibility to facilitate your journey towards licensure, with an understanding of the negative impact exam cancellations can have on our examinees. Because of this, we will now focus our efforts towards re-administering the exams on May 2 and 3. Under this plan, examinees will receive their scores around June 19, which is prior to the May Part IV score release. Unfortunately, the reality of our current situation may require us to reschedule additional exams with minimal notice. A notification will be sent to examinees affected by that administration.


Current COVID-19 Related Rescheduling & Updates


Chiropractic College Site Location Exam Reschedules Include:

 All March Part III & Physiotherapy Exams will be rescheduled to May 2 or May 3

March 2020 Part III & PHT Exams Rescheduled Notice


Prometric Test Site Information

click here: https://www.prometric.com/corona-virus-update


All Exams scheduled at PTC locations prior to April 16, 2020 will be rescheduled




Rescheduling Exams Cancelled by the NBCE

Due to the uncertainty around the impact of COVID-19 in the coming months, we are unable to make firm commitments about rescheduling opportunities. We can assure you that the NBCE will make all reasonable efforts to minimize the impact to examinees of cancelled exams, while maintaining our standards for the security and validity of our exams. Rescheduling information will be posted on our website, when available, as well as emailed directly to impacted examinees.


Examinee-Initiated Cancellations of a Part I, II, III, or PHT Exam

We have relaxed the NBCE cancellation policy to allow you to make the best decision for your health and safety. If you decide you do not want to attend a CBT exam, please email support@nbce.org for more information. In the email, please indicate whether you would like a refund of the exam fee, or to have your fees held for a future administration. Please note, if you request a refund, you will not be eligible to participate in a specially scheduled contingency exam in the event one becomes available at your desired test site. A contingency exam is an exam scheduled prior to the next regularly scheduled administration.


Examinee-Initiated Cancellations of a Part IV Exam

You are eligible to withdraw from the Part IV exam, and receive a full refund, by emailing support@nbce.org by March 27th.
We are still investigating a process by which we can extend that deadline. We will update this information when a solution has been identified.





Weather Related Cancellations

The NBCE is not actively monitoring inclement weather conditions for any test sites at this time.

Current Weather Related Cancellations & Updates

None at this time

Questions or Concerns?

 Please email us at support@nbce.org with any questions or concerns regarding any emergency or weather cancellations.

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