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Registration for SPEC and Acupuncture

Plan to arrive 30 minutes prior to the scheduled testing appointment to complete admission procedures.

You must present two forms of identification including one government-issued photo ID at the testing center.

  • Acceptable forms of the primary identification include a valid driver’s license, state/ province identification card, passport or military ID.
  • An acceptable form of secondary identification is a U.S. Social Security card, a valid credit card or bank ATM card. Both forms of identification must bear your signature.
  • If you fail to bring proper identification, you will not be admitted to the testing center.

You will not be permitted testing aids of any kind in the testing center. You must store all personal items in a locker. You will be monitored at all times by audio and video recorders. Smoking is not permitted in the testing facilities.




During the SPEC and Acupuncture Exams


Once checked in and seated at a testing computer, you have up to 10 minutes to read and agree to the Non-Disclosure Agreement. If you do not accept the Non-Disclosure Agreement within 10 minutes, you will not be allowed to take the exam. A brief tutorial will follow, after which you will be prompted to start the exam. A white board will be available for notations during the exam.

You will be allowed 90 minutes for each of the two test sessions. The computer monitor will display the remaining time. It is your responsibility to monitor the time available to complete the examination. After the exam, you will have an opportunity to make comments and answer a post-exam survey.

A test administrator assigned to the testing center is responsible for overseeing all aspects of test administration and monitoring test security. Should there be a disruption in the administration of the test, Prometric Testing Center staff will attempt to resolve the problem immediately.

Disqualification from SPEC or Acupuncture

You can be disqualified from taking or continuing an examination or from receiving scores if any NBCE or testing center official concludes that:

  1. You have provided false or misleading information on you application.
  2. You take an examination for another person or another person takes an examination in your place.
  3. You have given or received aid in the examination as evidenced by observation or statistical analyses.
  4. You engage in any act or conduct that has jeopardized or could jeopardize the security or integrity of NBCE examinations; such actions may include, but are not limited to, copying or reproducing any portion of the examination, or memorizing questions and or answers, and furnishing those memorized questions to another person at any time.
  5. You have engaged in any other conduct that may invalidate the examination results, including, but not limited to, removing items from the testing room.
  6. You engage in any behavior that is deemed to be disruptive, offensive or inappropriate in any way to the testing environment.

The NBCE may annotate transcripts of examinees who engage in any of the aforementioned behaviors.