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What is a transcript?

An official transcript is a record of your most recent passing scores on all NBCE exams. The NBCE sends official transcripts, bearing its seal, to licensing authorities at your request. Transcripts do not include an historical record of your scores. The NBCE does NOT release scores that fall below the passing score of 375, unless you specifically authorize their release.

Links to U.S. chiropractic state licensing boards are available here:

How do I request a transcript be sent to a state board?

You can submit a transcript request through your MyNBCE user account. You may pay for your request online, if fees apply.

Is there a charge for a transcript?

Your first transcript is free. You can request addtional transcripts for a fee of $25 per state. Additional processing charges may also apply. Most states do not require a transcript until you have completed Parts I, II, III and IV of the NBCE exams.