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CBT Special April Administration

If you are an examinee who was scheduled to take the computer-based version of NBCE exams on March 20, please check your e-mail for an important message. The message contains a link to the site where you can choose your rescheduling options, as described below.

The special administration is being offered at your original test site, on the date(s)/room(s)  listed here.

Please review the exam schedule and arrive at the test site at the correct time for your scheduled exam. If you are taking individual subject exam(s), please arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled starting time to register.


We realize that the computer malfunction on March 20 created an unacceptable disruption in your testing. The NBCE is committed to providing a fair and expedient solution. With this in mind, we have the following information for you.

Rescheduling Your Exam(s) In April

We are offering a special paper-and-pencil administration at your original campus test site in early April; the scores will be reported at the same time as the March exam scores, on May 2.

1.  There is no charge to take the rescheduled exam(s).

2.  You may take all of the exams you were scheduled to take on the computer on Sunday, March 20; even the ones you completed.

For example:

  • If you did not complete any of the subject exams in Part I or Part II, you should reschedule all of them.
  • If you did complete any subjects of Part I or Part II, it is to your advantage to reschedule all of them. The NBCE will grade any exams you completed on March 20 and during the special April administration and keep only the higher score.
  • If you prefer to take only the exams you were unable to complete, you may do so. For example:
    • If you completed two subjects of Part I, you may take just the four you were unable to complete. In this scenario, you will have only one score for each subject.
    • If you completed Part III, Book 1, you may choose to take only Book 2.

3.  You will receive grades from the March and special April administrations on May 2. This will allow you time to decide which exams to schedule in June or September.

Other Rescheduling Options

In the event that you are unable to attend the special exam administration in April, you may reschedule your exams for June 2016 or September 2016.

1. There is no charge to take these rescheduled exam(s).

2.  You may reschedule any exams that you failed on March 20, based on the scores reported on May 2. Please remember that NBCE policy requires you to retake the entire Part I or Part II exam if you do not receive a passing score in four or more subjects.

3.  Per NBCE policy, you may not retake any exams that you pass.

Dates and Rooms for Rescheduled April Administrations

D’Youville College – April 3 only, Rooms DAC 228 & 230

Life Chiropractic College, West – April 9 and 10, 154A & 154B

Life University, College of Chiropractic – April 9 and 10, C1 & C2

Logan University – April 2 and 3, Rooms 142A & 142B

National University of Health Sciences – Florida – April 2 and 3, Rooms UP233 & UP 235

New York Chiropractic College  – April 3 only, Admin Building

Palmer College of Chiropractic, Davenport Campus– April 2 and 3, Rooms P205 & P206

Palmer College of Chiropractic, West Campus – April 2 and 3, Rooms 117 & 118

Parker University College of Chiropractic – April 2 and 3, Rooms S216 & S217

Southern California University of Health Sciences – April 2 and 3, Rooms G210 & G190

Texas  Chiropractic College – April 9 and 10, L203 & L205

University of Bridgeport, College of Chiropractic  – April 2 and 3

University of Western States – April 9 and 10, West Hall

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