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Part II Eligibility


You must be enrolled in, or graduated from, an eligible college to take Part II in your third year. Online approval from your college is required for initial Part II eligibility. The NBCE strongly recommends that college representatives approve only the applications of students who have satisfactorily completed courses in the subjects being tested. The courses must be completed by the application deadline. Individual chiropractic colleges may establish additional requirements, provided they inform the NBCE.

While enrolled in a chiropractic college, you may take the examinations as many times as needed to pass. However, be advised that individual states may impose different or additional requirements or restrictions.

Once you have passed all of the subject examinations in Part II, you may not retake these examinations without special requirement of a state licensing authority.


The table below summarizes how doctors of chiropractic may establish eligibility for the Part II Examination.

When did you graduate from chiropractic college? Have you previously applied for Part II? How do you establish eligibility?
Less than 6 months before the current exam administration No Registrar’s online authorization required
Yes No authorization required with application (eligibility previously established)
Six months or more before the current exam administration No Provide documentation of graduation, such as:

  • Copy of D.C. degree (diploma)
  • Letter bearing college seal from registrar attesting to graduation
  • Registrar’s online authorization
Yes No authorization required with application (eligibility previously established)



If you fail THREE OR MORE subjects in Part II, you will be required to retake the entire part. If you fail one or two subjects per part, you are entitled to retake only the failed subjects in each part.

A doctor or a student of chiropractic who has successfully passed all Part II subject exams is not allowed to retake any previously passed exam, except when required by a state licensing authority. Scores from retake exams based on this criteria do not void the original passing scores.